Welcome the New Year of the Dragon together!

Dragon of Fortune

I Wish a Better Life>

Starry Night Series

Starry Night Tiger

Hope for Courage>

The Eternal Blessing of Tulips

Tulips Elephant

Wish You Safe & Sound!

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Blessing╳ Meaning

Enhance life, Discover culture-inspired series, all for the taste of your space.

A boy who loves painting and flower art

Through the perspective of floral design, TEAL's founder & artist Peter JW convey rich emotional tones through floral art and paintings, inspiring people's enthusiasm and creating a better life for everyone.

Super Resolution ╳ Limited Edition

Machine learning-based methods ensure high-resolution quality, offering the possibility of artworks reaching 100 mega pixels. You can choose to have a hand painted special frame for your limited edition artwork that we are proud of.


Artiste creates with real life experience



"I can feel so touched!"

One of the very first collectors|Ms. Sally Chen, founder & CEO of Elta TV Station

I sincerely admire you!

Mingxing Lohas|Mr. Chen, a special companion for the first batch of collectors


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Blessings & Meaning

Elevate Your Lifestyle with Culturally Inspired Creations. Discover the extraordinary creations that elevate your lifestyle with a culturally inspired touch.


Through the lens of flower design, co-founder Peter JW's artwork conveys a formal and informative tone. The objective is to inspire enthusiasm and create a lovely life for everyone.

SuperResolution & Limited Edition

Our ML-based approach ensures high resolution quality, offering the possibility of 100 megapixels for artwork.