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Birds of Fortune

Birds of Fortune

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In the deep night, flowers bloom and colorful birds chirp. They were two white-headed birds, and their dance with the flowers was like a chapter in a poem, full of love and harmony. Their feathers are as smooth and shiny as flowing water, and when their wings are spread out, they look even more noble and graceful.

Among the flowers, some bloomed brightly, while others were as delicate as a baby's cheek. Each petal seems to be telling a story, a story about love, dreams, and eternity.

Prosperity and wealth were originally people's pursuit of a better life. But here, it is more like a blessing. I hope that the pair of Pulsatillas can be like these blooming flowers and have happiness and prosperity in every life until they grow old.

The overall picture is like a song, a song praising love and eternity. The two Pulsatillas and the sea of ​​flowers perform a dreamy dance that makes people intoxicated and fascinated by it. "Wealthy Flowers and Grows" is not only a painting, but also an eternal love story.
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