About the founder

Jiang Wang Jiaxing ( Peter ): Illuminating life with artistic creation, integrating tradition and modernity

In the hurried pace of modern home life, our brand founder Jiang Wang Jiaxing ( Peter ) uses his stories and creations to bring new hope and inspiration to families. Peter 's life experience and multiple cultural backgrounds give his artistic creation unique and profound meaning.


From construction to home aesthetics

Peter started his career in the construction industry and always had the dream of starting a business. Combining experience in the construction field and insight into market dynamics, Peter set out to create a company that created a brand for home aesthetics. His goal is to integrate cultural traditions with modern art and aesthetics through artistic creation to create a home environment with both beauty and culture for modern families.


Creator of the beauty of cultural gathering

Peter has deep feelings for Aboriginal and Eastern cultures, and the essence of these cultures runs through his design concepts. Each of his works is not only a visual enjoyment, but also a messenger of cultural inheritance. Each painting carries rich cultural stories and far-reaching values.


Art creation: the spark that rekindles life

Peter found the salvation of art in the low ebb of his life. This is not only a source of strength for him to regain hope in life, but also his firm belief in his future goals. Through those works that have gone through the ups and downs of life, Peter hopes to convey this energy to every viewer, so that they can feel the light of warmth and hope in the works.


Bring harmony and joy to the family

TEAL founded by Peter goes beyond the role of ordinary home accessories. They are art treasures full of blessing, growth and hope. He hopes that these works will become part of modern family life, injecting positive energy and an atmosphere of happiness into daily life.


Create a blend of culture and modernity in the light of art

Peter 's vision for creating his works is to serve as a bridge between culture and modern aesthetics. Among the first batch of collectors, Ms. Sally Chen , the founder of Alda, expressed her high appreciation for the delicacy and care of the works.

TEAL 's works in the blessing series have many profound and ingenious ideas. For example: a painting depicting a pair of whiteheads and hibiscus flowers symbolizes prosperity and wealth and the couple's vision of growing old together. It is a precious gift for business couples. TEAL cleverly integrates oriental culture and modern beauty in the design of its works, showing the unique charm of the brand.


Through TEAL , Jiang Wang Jiaxing ( Peter ) brings art and creativity into life, and integrates cultural elements into modern design to create an elegant and meaningful artistic world for modern families. TEAL is bringing more beauty and harmony to the world.