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As the brush caresses the canvas, my soul dances with the wisdom and the serene auspices of the elephant. "Starry Elephant Hope" bridges the chasm between despair and hope, the nadir and the zenith, each stroke and line a sonnet to the world.

Generative art becomes the sorcery through which I narrate tales, breathing new life into traditional elements and symbols. The ochre of the Oncidium speaks of friendship and hope, whilst the German acid-free barium paper vows love for our planet and a promise for the future .

Beneath the luminous stars, an elephant strides with determination, its journey painted among blossoms seeking light. This painting is both a voyage and a baptism of the soul, a beacon guiding us through the night.

In creating this piece, I delved deep into the heart, seeking to manifest a profound sentiment in tangible form. The circle, representing the elephant, signifies wholeness; the square, drawing from the philosophy of "heaven is round, earth is square," weaves a visual poem of harmony and balance.

"Starry Elephant Hope" emerges in two versions. The Taiwan edition, adorned with hand-painted gold on star blossoms, is unique in every sense; the international version, a collaboration with British craftsmen, respects various spaces with its range of sizes.

This creation extends an invitation to each viewer to join in the quest for personal hope and dreams under the starlit sky.

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