Founding story

Our story: Integrating art and oriental culture to bring blessings and harmony to families

In this era of rapid changes, TEAL adheres to a core concept: to bring comfort, hope and blessing to every family through artworks and decorative paintings. Our creative inspiration comes from our deep understanding and cherishment of traditional culture. In the rich context of Eastern culture, artworks go beyond the expression of beauty and carry deep blessings and meanings.

We firmly believe that every painting with a blessing meaning not only decorates the home, but also injects positive energy into the living space. In Eastern culture, home furnishings are closely related to the quality of life. Carefully selected decorative paintings enhance the beauty of the home, while also bringing an atmosphere of balance and harmony to the residence.

We combine the latest technology with innovative thinking, cleverly blending traditional art with modern design. Each work embodies respect for traditional culture and the spirit of exploration of modern art. From material selection to production, we are committed to excellence in every aspect to ensure that each piece of art can become a unique scenery in your home.

Committed to integrating art into every home, we understand that in busy lives, people long to find peace and stability. Our artworks are designed to bring a warm corner to your life, so that everyone who appreciates these works can feel the hope and blessing from deep in their hearts.

"Gift giving", in Eastern culture, is a way of expressing emotions, and it is also the inheritance and blessing of culture. When you choose to give our works as gifts, you are not just giving an item, but conveying a strong blessing and cultural value. Whether it is a family gathering, a friend's birthday, or a gift in a business occasion, our works can carry your heart and convey it to the recipient.

We carefully create each painting to ensure that they are not only visually appealing, but also contain deep cultural meaning and blessings. Through gift giving, we hope to build a bridge of emotional and cultural communication between the gift giver and the recipient.

Let TEAL 's artwork become an indispensable part of your life, bringing more blessings and beauty to your family, relatives and friends.

We firmly believe that art can decorate a space and enrich people's hearts.