Goldfish Treasure

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The elegant goldfish dances in the embrace of Begonia flowers, like a dancer in a dream, and every turn is full of poetry. The scales of the goldfish shine with golden light, as if to tell us that every moment in life is worth cherishing. Those scattered golden particles are like stars in the sky, dotting this peaceful sea of ​​flowers, making it more moving.

Begonia flowers bloom gracefully, and their petals are like lovers' hands, gently caressing the goldfish and giving it the most tender embrace. Such a scene seems to tell us that every encounter in life is a beautiful encounter.

In this intertwined world of gold and green, goldfish and begonia flowers jointly weave a simple yet moving poem. It tells us that no matter where there is love, there is poetry and distance. This is the insight brought to us by "A House Full of Gold and Jade" - love makes life more dazzling.
size: 13x18cm
Framed: Transparent desktop wooden frame