Dragon of Fortune

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During our design journey, we have been deeply inspired by the profound essence of Eastern classical culture. "Dragon Flower Fortune" is not just a creation, it is the unremitting pursuit of simplicity and purity, and it also fully embodies the power of tradition. The Dragon, of unparalleled importance in Eastern heritage, is depicted in perfect harmony with its nobility and power.

"magnificent" The characters represent brilliance, prosperity and splendor, and every stroke and every stroke is carefully crafted and strives for perfection. And "wealth" is not just material abundance, it is an experience, a sense of harmony and satisfaction that can touch the soul.

We believe this piece transcends aesthetics. It's about creating an experience, an emotion. In our studio we experimented with various techniques and processes to ensure that this piece is not only a tribute to the rich tapestry of the East, but also a future classic, designed to retain its value and significance for years to come.

"Unleash the majestic power of the artistic auspicious dragon and make your interior design shine with unparalleled style."

Lustrous Dragon of Fortune : Dive into a world where art deco meets Eastern heritage. Our collection, inspired by ancient Eastern culture, brings forth the majestic essence of dragons—a symbol of unparalleled significance. Each piece, a blend of tradition and modernity, is Meticulously crafted, echoing the brilliance ("华") of prosperity and splendor. Beyond just art, it's an experience, a journey of emotion and harmony. Envision this masterpiece gracing your living space, seamlessly merging art deco elegance with contemporary design. Whether gifting or adorning your home, the "Lustrous Dragon of Fortune" stands as a testament to luxury, tradition, and timeless value.

Features :

  1. Teal's Art Deco Dragons : Elevate your space with our art deco dragons, a fusion of tradition and innovation, encapsulating Eastern elegance.
  2. Dragon-Inspired Elegance : Immerse in Teal's sophisticated dragon art, adding a touch of mystique and heritage to your decor.
  3. Transformative Dragon Art : Experience Teal's art deco dragons, turning every corner of your space into a realm of beauty and intrigue.
size: 13x18cm
Framed: Transparent desktop wooden frame