Founder's story

Peter JW

Artist, Amis tribe member, originally a spatial designer and futures trader. Due to the impact of mind, body, and generative AI, he has internalized his learning of both Eastern and Western floral art, digital architectural design, and more under the tutelage of Taiwan's floral master, Teacher Xie Rui-Zhi. His artistic creations blend elements of flowers, animals, biology, and ethnic culture. He is currently the founder of Teal Wang Bao Technology Art and a lecturer for diverse AI courses in the Department of Painting and Calligraphy at National Taiwan University of Arts. He holds a background in architecture from National Chiao Tung University, a degree in interior design from Chung Yuan Christian University, and graduated from Taipei Municipal Chien Kuo Senior High School.




Notable Works and Exhibitions

2023 "Cultural Mountains and Stars of the Fox Spirit" - National Academy for Educational Research

2023 "Taiwanese Dog, Floral Monk, and Sage: Rebirth" - ELTA TV station

2023 "The Amis Fox of Grains" - Night Arts Fair, Taipei

2023 "Radiant Love: Floral and Faunal Carousel"

2023 "Inspired by Da Vinci Series" - Taipei 101 Ambi Space One, Taipei

2022 "I Am: Child of Dreams Series" - National Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall, Taipei

2022 "Wax Chrysanthemum and Deaf Cat" - ELTA TV
2022 "Imaginary Memorial Hall: Universal Orchid Corridor" - A Large International Group

Awards and Certifications

2022 "Imaginary Memorial Hall" Immersive Generative Art Exhibition - Corporate First Prize Finalist, Knowledge and Culture Dual Fusion, Association for Cultural Technology Development, Taipei

2022 New Taipei City Indigenous Industry Lean Startup Program - Winner, New Taipei

2022-2023 The Bridge Art Platform Certified Artist, Taiwan

2018 "From Cheng Shi to Present" National Scenic Visitor Center Design Competition - National Silver Award, Tourism Bureau, Ministry of Transportation and Communications

2016, 2017 Teclib Cup National Design Competition - Honorable Mention, Taiwan

2015 "Invincible Dog: A Journey Through Formosa" Acer Digital Creation Award - National Winner, FB Popularity Award, Taiwan