Terms of Service


1. Cognition and Acceptance

Teal website (https://teal.com.tw, ​​hereinafter referred to as "this website") is operated by Teal Wangbao Technology and Art Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "the company") and is provided in accordance with the terms of use of this website and other relevant specifications or announcements User related services. Please read the following terms carefully before using this website. If you use this website, it means that you have fully read, understood and agreed to accept the terms of use of this website. If you disagree with any part of these Website Terms of Use, please do not use this Website.

2. The right to change the terms of use of this website

The Company reserves the right to change, modify, add or delete the terms of use of this website at any time. Users should regularly review changes to the terms of use of this website. If you continue to use this website after the changes to the terms of use of this website, you will be deemed to have accepted the changes to the terms of use of this website.

3. Account and password

3.1. Please properly protect the account and password you create on this website (including but not limited to: not leaking the account or password to a third party, not sharing the account or password with others, logging out of the account immediately after use, etc.). Do not use the same password as on other websites, and change your password regularly to ensure the security of your account.

3.2. You declare and guarantee that the information you fill in on this website is correct and complete. If there are any falsehoods, omissions, multiple accounts (for example, using accounts that are similar, related, sorted, serialized, or named with specific rules) or are suspected of the above, Teal will have the right to require you to complete your identity in any way. /Information verification, and has the right to suspend, terminate and delete your account, and seek compensation for the damages caused by you.

3.3. Users shall not use this website in a manner that violates the law or the terms of use of this website. If there is a violation, the Company reserves the right to suspend or terminate your account and seek compensation for the damages caused by you.

4. Personal data protection

4.1. When you use this website to conduct transactions or use other services provided by this website, the company will ask you to provide the necessary personal data depending on the nature of the service, and process and use your personal data within the scope of that specific purpose. . Our company will abide by the provisions of laws and regulations related to the protection of personal data. This website will not use personal data for other purposes except with your written consent or in accordance with the terms of use of this website or legal regulations.

4.2. The Company may provide your personal information to third parties under the following circumstances:

4.2.1. In accordance with laws, orders or requests from judicial authorities or other investigative authorities.

4.2.2. To safeguard the rights and interests of other users or third parties.

4.2.3. To maintain the normal operation of this website.

4.2.4. To provide the company with necessary information on financial flow, logistics or other third parties required to sell goods or services.

4.2.5. The user has violated laws, orders or the terms of use of this website.

5. Transaction Notes

5.1. The number of products provided on this website is limited, please proceed to the checkout process as soon as possible after completing the purchase. Putting the product into the shopping cart does not mean that you have purchased the product. If other users complete the checkout process before you complete the checkout process, the system will notify you that the item has been sold out. Please remove it from the shopping cart yourself. removed.

5.2. After you complete the checkout process, our company's system will automatically send a notification letter to notify you that your order information has been received. This notification letter does not mean that the contract between the two parties has been established, and the company still reserves the right to accept the order.

5.3. Instructions for returning or exchanging goods:

5.3.1. The seven-day appreciation period is not applicable to personalized customized products: In accordance with Article 19 of the Consumer Protection Act and the "Guidelines for the Use of Reasonable Exceptions to the Right to Cancellation of Communications Transactions" promulgated by the Executive Yuan, the seven-day appreciation period is not applicable to customized products. There are regulations during the appreciation period (hesitation period), so returns, refunds or exchanges due to dislike of the design or other reasons are not accepted. Please choose carefully.

5.3.2. Return rules for general merchandise: You can return the merchandise unconditionally within seven days after receiving it, as long as the merchandise remains in new condition and the packaging is complete. According to the provisions of the Consumer Protection Law, the goods are entitled to a seven-day hesitation period (please note that the hesitation period is not a trial period). The returned goods must be in brand new condition (unused) and completely packaged. Please do not miss any accessories, otherwise the return rights will be affected. This product is a plastic consumable. If the surface of the product is scratched or paint peels off after use, it is not within the return and exchange specifications.

5.3.3. Return and exchange process: If you have any need to return or exchange goods, send the wrong goods, or the goods are damaged or scratched due to non-human factors after receiving the goods, please return the goods within the seven-day appreciation period (starting from the next day after picking up the goods). Calculation) Fill out the contact us form and notify our company’s customer service staff as soon as possible. We will confirm with you the reason for the return/defect identification of the product and assist you as soon as possible.

Working days: Monday to Friday 10:00-18:00 (excluding Saturdays and national holidays), customer service staff will reply to your email as soon as possible within working days.

5.4. Notes on returns and exchanges:

5.4.1. Please use registered post office (general mail) for returns or exchanges. We will not be responsible for the additional shipping costs of other shipping methods.

5.4.2. If the product is faulty, damaged, worn, abraded, scratched, dirty, damaged and incompletely packaged due to human factors due to improper use and disassembly by the consumer, or the invoice and accessories are incomplete, we will not accept it.

5.4.3. Please return or exchange the goods within seven days after signing for the goods. Failure to do so will not allow the return.

5.4.4. If the original order was purchased with a discount code, the discount code will not be restored after the return.

5.4.5. If the order requires the issuance of a paper invoice/unified invoice, please send the invoice back together with the returned goods.

5.4.6. Refund instructions: In order to speed up the process, refunds will be made directly. Credit card payment: If you pay by credit card, your money will be refunded to the credit card account that was originally used for payment, and the refund details will be attached with the next bill (the refund process takes about 7 working days, due to various reasons. The operating hours of each bank are different. If you have any other questions, it is recommended that you check directly with your card-issuing bank). Black Cat home delivery/supermarket cash on delivery: If you use Black Cat home delivery or supermarket cash on delivery, you need to provide your remittance information (name, bank, bank branch, account number, the above information is essential). Method of providing remittance information: Please return the photocopied cover of the deposit book together with the returned product. Please take a photo of the deposit book cover directly and attach it to the question form (letter). Provide one of the above remittance information methods so that we can refund the money to you (excluding the original shipping fee). Bank transfer may take 14 working days (depending on the operating hours of each bank).

6.Intellectual property rights

All content used on this website, including but not limited to text descriptions, works, pictures, photos, images, files, materials, information, website structure, website layout, web design, etc., are intellectual property rights owned by the company in accordance with the law. No one may use, modify, copy, publicly broadcast, adapt, distribute, publish, publicly publish, reverse engineer or otherwise infringe on intellectual property rights without the express written consent or authorization of the Company. If you wish to use the content of this website, please obtain the company's prior written consent or authorization and indicate the source of the information when using it. At the same time, ensure the integrity of the information and not arbitrarily distort or delete it.

7. Links to third-party websites

This website may contain links to other third-party websites, which are provided solely as a convenience to users. These linked websites are not under the control of the Company, and the Company does not endorse or assume any responsibility for their content, and the terms of use of this website do not apply. Users need to judge by themselves whether the third-party website adequately protects your rights and interests, and then decide whether to use it.

8. Disclaimer

The company is not liable for any damages directly or indirectly suffered by users due to the following circumstances:

8.1. The Company is not responsible for service stoppage or interruption caused by the migration, replacement or maintenance of system equipment related to this website.

8.2. The Company is not responsible for any service stoppage or interruption caused by any reason not attributable to the Company.

8.3. This website is affected by external forces, causing the information to be displayed incorrectly, or to be forged, tampered with, deleted or retrieved, resulting in the inability to operate normally. We are not responsible for this.

8.4. We are not responsible for the stoppage or interruption of the services of this website due to natural disasters or other force majeure.

8.5. If the user violates government laws or these Terms of Use, the Company is not responsible for stopping or interrupting the service.

8.6. Other situations where the Company deems it necessary to suspend or interrupt services.

8.7. The paper materials and mounting provided by Teal are products used to reduce the risk of collision damage to the work. Our company is not responsible if the product is damaged due to other reasons.

Just like other products, Teal's framing products are designed to protect paintings. Therefore, if you find that the product is obviously deformed or severely worn due to impact, it is recommended to stop using it and replace it with a brand new product to ensure its best protective performance. .

8.8. If this website no longer has a product in stock (and will no longer replenish it), or the price on the website is incorrectly marked due to system abnormalities or other reasons, even if the order has been established, the company still has the right to refuse to accept the order and Shipping, if you have already paid for the product, we will refund you in full and have no further liability to you.

8.9. Under no circumstances shall our company, this website, Teal brand related companies or their agents and suppliers (hereinafter collectively referred to as "Teal") be liable for any special, indirect, incidental or punitive damages arising from the following circumstances: , exemplary or punitive damages, lost profits or lost revenue, including but not limited to, resulting from the use of or inability to use Teal products, Teal services, Teal websites or official accounts (whether audited or not), even if notice of the possibility of damage has been given If it happens, we will not be responsible for compensation.

8.10. Teal's maximum aggregate liability, whether based on contract, tort (including negligence) or otherwise, shall not exceed the total price paid by you for the Products, excluding shipping charges and taxes, or, if the Products are RHINOSHIELD Services , then no more than the fee you paid for the service.

9. Governing law and competent court

The terms of use of this website and all actions using this website are governed by Taiwanese law. Any disputes or conflicts arising from the use of this website shall be resolved in accordance with Taiwanese law. If there is any dispute, the parties should try their best to resolve it through negotiation. If they cannot reach an agreement, the Taipei District Court of Taiwan will be the court of first instance.

10. Contact information

If you have any questions, queries, suggestions or complaints about this website's terms of use or our company's services, please feel free to contact us:

Teal Wangbao Technology and Art Co., Ltd.

Address: No. 119, Section 1, Chongqing South Road, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City, Taiwan 100


Thank you for reading these website terms of use and I hope you have a pleasant experience using this website!