TEAL's Boxy Hoodie for Men

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  • Material: 100% organic cotton and recycled polyester
  • Design: Carefully designed, cut, and assembled for durability
  • TEAL's garments follow sustainable development principles to minimize their impact on society and the environment. They use recycled polyester to avoid plastic waste and 100% organic cotton to improve soil condition and protect cotton growers' health. The garments are printed with eco-friendly Kornit Atlas digital printers and water-based ink for vibrant colors. TEAL proudly partners with H&M Group in their commitment to achieving net-zero emissions by 2040, with a minimum 20% reduction by 2025. Join us in pursuing responsible fashion and improving energy usage, waste, and resource management.

Excellent quality, responsible fashion. Choose TEAL Boxy Hoodie for a stylish and environmentally friendly wardrobe.

  • 材質:100% 有機棉和回收聚酯纖維
  • 設計:經過精心設計、裁剪和製作,確保耐用性
  • TEAL的服飾材料符合可持續發展原則,最大程度地減少對社會和環境的影響。回收聚酯纖維是一種更可持續的選擇,避免了塑料浪費,由油基廢料製成。True Blanks 的棉花經過100% 有機栽培,不使用化學農藥和殺蟲劑,同時改善了土壤狀況並保護了棉花種植者的健康。更使用環保的 Kornit Atlas 數位印刷機和水性墨水,確保色彩鮮豔且環保。TEAL很榮幸與 H&M Group 致力於實現2040年碳零排放目標,並在2025年實現至少20%的減排。與我們一同追求負責任的時尚,並致力於改善能源使用、廢物和資源管理。

優秀品質,負責任時尚。選擇 TEAL Boxy Hoodie,讓您的穿著兼具時尚與環保。


Color: Grey melange
Size: S
Gender: men