Exclusive interview with TTV's "Hotline Tracking"

Exclusive interview with TTV's "Hotline Tracking"

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2023.09.10【Hotline Tracking】

Generative AI is booming,

Many people are beginning to experience the miracles brought by artificial intelligence,

Artists and creative workers were originally considered to be industries less likely to be impacted by AI.

Unexpectedly, AI can not only sing now, but also

I can also draw,

And I draw very fast,

Just enter a series of words,

In seconds, AI can create sketches.

And the works of art created by AI,

Can the human eye really recognize it?

Last year there was a painting by artificial intelligence AI

The generated painting "Space Opera",

Won the first prize in an art competition in the United States,

Two judges of the competition said,

They did not know in advance that this work was created by AI.

But they believe this will not affect the selection results.

This incident also triggered widespread discussion and controversy.

What humanity will usher in next is the first year of AI.

Or is it the artist's last years?

The interview team will take you to visit the newly arrived

Generative artists in the field of AI art,

The artist tells this scene,

A race against artificial intelligence.

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